The modern system of world finance is complex, interrelated and opaque, where what happened yesterday can and does affect what happens tomorrow, and where one wrong tug of the thread can cause it all to unravel.

Investments are spread across most markets, countries and currencies to achieve broad exposure to global growth and value creation.

Long-term horizon

The investment strategy aims to take advantage of the fund's long-term horizon to generate high returns for capital growth

The fund is to be invested responsibly within its overall financial objective.

The aim is to have diversified investments that bring a good spread of risk and the highest possible return subject to the constraints we have set out.

Contrarian thinking

Contrarian thinking helps us to identify investment ideas ignored or misunderstood by the market.

Our curiosity grows when others are negative and we often find value in unusual places.

We are not afraid to be different and our track-record demonstrates that contrarian thinking is an important driver of strong investment performance.